Friday, January 11, 2008

Donna & the hair...

Some mornings are a surprise, they're so far outside the routine. I'm working from home today and took a quick break to meet Ashley, Virginia, D'uan & Donna at Sam Moons this morning & we all ended up buying hair! {like I needed more hair than the mop I have on my head...well, whatever, it looks fabulous} It's kind of a Texas thing...we Texas gals just looooove our big hair. So now Donna fits right in. It's amazing how well they can match you from the wall'o'hair.

Donna & the gang headed off for other adventures & I came home to get some work done. Donna shot some hair video will be going up on her blog (I'm a litle scared - I think it caught me accidentally slapping Ashley in the face with my faux ponytail & my own big hair down before they got me all pinned in...) Anyway - Donna will be teaching at D'uan's store Gotta Scrap in Rockwall this weekend. If you're a local to DFW, be sure and go!


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