Friday, December 07, 2007

Living Luxe Limited...

So, this has been my everything lately. My joy, my stress, my creative energy. I am loving how Luxe, limited is coming together! I wanted to share the kits so far. These will all ship on or before December 14 until December 21st so you can receive them in time for Christmas. They're great for gifts for a loved one or for yourself.

I've been writing the little back stories to the kit & picking the songs to go with them. It's really fun for me - I love that kind of stuff. We had a request to pack the story of the kit with it when we ship & we thought that's a great idea so we're going to! {if you'd like to read the back story to each kit, please visit the Luxe blog. Double click the arrow in the box on the music bar to listen to the kit's song while you're reading.}

I can't believe there are still seen more days of these to roll out...and I'm so excited about what's coming!!!

A Honolulu Holiday - my first Luxe limited kit, an adaptation of the Christmas class that I taught in Amsterdam that we got so many requests to purchase - $29 click here to purchase.

Christmas With the Top Down - Pam's first kit, wild and fun just like her - $29 click here to purchase.

A Girly Girl Christmas - Brandy's inspiration & Pam's creation. Brandy jumped the chance to create a kit, but with a newborn at home gave her pink Christmas idea to Pam to run with. - $39 click here to purchase.

Monthly Memory Treasury - Tricia's first "mix kit". I nicknamed hers "mix kits" when we were making the weekly plan because she dows such an amazing job mixing papers from different lines together. - $29 click here to purchase.

We're selling these in batches {for the sake of my sanity to do the back work to get them up & running} and to make it a fair playing field for people to order the kits. So these first four opened up for sale last night at 6 PM {you can see how it's posted on the Luxe blog to shop}.

The next four will open for sale Monday, Dec 10th at 6 PM and after that the next four go up Friday, Dec 14th at 6 PM.

Postmodern Farmhouse - my second kit with inspiration from Amy. Amy is our other new mother in the office and she wanted a banner done up in soft pastels for the nursery. Well, you know me, if it's not funk, it's modern & vintage mixed so I adored doing this up.

Here's a close up. That's my dad in the white suit and my uncle {my cousin's Amy & Meg's dad} in the dark suit in front.


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i love these!... and i wish that i were in honolulu this christmas... that's my fave... :)

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