Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Call me a photo kamikaze...

You ever have a "perfect shot" in mind, but you don't know quite how to pull it off? That was my case today. Pam & I did a couple of Christmas projects today {I did the tag & Pam did the card} & I wanted to do some super cute photos, especially since I was blogging on the Luxe side later than usual. So I got a "great idea" on the way home. I decided to stage our projects in amongst the Christmas trees & jumbo toys at JoAnn's.

Sounds like a great idea. Unless....you're a control freak {like me}. I started setting an entire "scene" around a white Christmas tree. I was bringing over Santa's, snowmen, a picture frame...going generally bonkers and all the while trying not to draw attention to myself {lest I be forever labeled as the crazy lady in the Christmas section}. I was avoiding detection and was slyly bringing my camera up to snap my first picture {amongst an insane set up of gathered stuff} when...my cell phone goes off, at top volume - the theme song to "The Office". I froze..........and immediately an employee popped around the aisle and said "cute ringtone...ooooooh. O. K." And she cocked her head and just looked at my little creation in her pristine Christmas tree display section. Oopsie :)
I quickly told Matt I'd call him back and tried to explain my blog. She just ended up having a good laugh and told me to knock myself out. I ended up not using the elaborate set up shots and picked some simpler ones {in the white tree & with the humongo snowman}.
So, I felt like a photo kamikaze today & I'm pretty sure they're going to have a good chuckle over me when I come in again. {And, yes, I put everything away - lol}


Blogger Kandice said...

lol...i love this... so hysterical... and so like you. :)

1:47 AM  

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