Thursday, November 29, 2007

And now for something completely different...

HOW CUTE IS THIS??? Ms. Meg was in the chorus of her high school production of Annie. She's the lovely chorus girl (maid) talking to the littlest orphan during curtain call. These kids were amazing. They had a combined high school& elementary school cast - even 2 live, very well behaved dogs. It was super impressive.

I'm totally digging Meg's new "do". She has the signature Hargis curly hair {like me} but she has really fine hair {like her mom & grandmother} so it doesn't usually bounce. Well apparently a stint in hot rollers does the trick...isn't she adorable? It made her very easy to spot on stage since all the other girls had theirs pulled back or straight.

I was in drama in high school. I did Noises Off as Dotty, Equus as the mom - even HMS Pinafore as Buttercup. When we did HMS Pinafore we had a first year choir teacher directing us...and small world - she is Meg's choir teacher now.

Gotta dash...I'm exhausted. I overblogged earlier & I still need to blog over on Luxe tonight. Debby arrives tomorrow...whee!


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