Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Sense"-ational Sundays {better late than never}

a little belated, but here is my sensory update from last week...

My CKU-best-friend Debby Schuh! She flew in last Friday & we road tripped it down to Waco for her classes there. We came back and had a lovely Sunday - brunch at Amigo's, shopping at NorthPark, a vintage book romp at the main Half Price Book location & topped off by a lovely get together at Ashley's house.


I TASTED: ...the world's best brunch. Beef fajita omelets with frijoles, "Mexican" potatoes & Texas Toast.

I TOUCHED: piles of old books. I love vintage children's books & while Debby & I were shopping I picked up a set of fairy tales published in 1928 ($3) & a 1950's Golden Book of Alice in Wonderland ($1) - I love, love, love Half Price Books. Debby had never been to one which made it twice as fun. Oh, yeah - and we sat in Santa's lap there....he asked me what I wanted for Christmas & I told him he couldn't afford me...

I SMELLED: gingerbread scented handsoap. I bought a gold handsoap dispener at Target that said "Holiday Soap" and I thought it was pretty, but had no idea it would smell so yummy!


Blogger Angie said...

Hey, girl- sounds like you had a fabulous time- I did get a message from Debby- thanks! and I got your message- I'm just busy and tired- I'll call you this weekend. :-)

8:57 PM  

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