Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's happening...

Well, my box set of Twin Peaks arrived the day after I made the buttons. {sweet} I started rewatching them as I was cleaning my scrap room at 5 this morning. Yes, I'm still not on my "normal" schedule yet - usually I stay up late and sleep in a little...but not since I've been back from Amsterdam.

Work is awesome/busy as usual - we're creating some amazing kits for "LUXE, limited" {see post here}. I'm working on creating some custom printed pages for my kit as well as a really cool project with instructions.

Other than that I'm excited about Debby coming in this weekend - can't wait to show her around the Lone Star State!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jealous...I want to be with you girls. sniff sniff. love you girls. loved chating with your the other night. love ya TC

10:03 PM  

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