Saturday, December 08, 2007

CKU Chicago is up!!!

I hopped on my friend Debby's blog and saw that they just opened the new CKU site, rolled out the classes & announced the new format! They have listened to feedback from the attendees and the teachers and have made a lot of wonderful changes this year. There are some great new things - like changing the make & take madness to "Inspiration Stations" where you stay put & get comfortable and all the demonstrators rotate to you (no insanity & you get to do everything). There's a pre event meet & greet where you get to mingle with the other students and teachers the night before the event if you get in early. They're providing a nice lunch all three days to all the attendees so you don't have to scramble. You still choose an album track - and they're amazing, but everyone will have the same 4 electives. That's right - the four elective instructors will teach the entire student body, so that means you all get your time with Tim...and me.

I will be teaching Black and White and Read all Over! I couldn't help myself - when I was running through class names I thought of that old joke, gave a little groan and realized that was what I had to do. I love these colors and I figured they were the most universal that fit my style. With a theme of "random musings" and "I have a story to tell" on the front cover - I opened it up for you to fill it with everyday details of your life. It's a great book - full of fun surprises, details and fun techniques. I've even included a product I'm designing that will come out at the winter show...

Registration opens up on December 12th for CKU Chicago. The event will be March 13 - 15. Hope to see you there!


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