Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Web pick of the week...Kuehn Keramik

I know...it's in German. I was thrilled to see they finally added an English translator so I clicked on there before I posted the link. Some of my friends who have seen this look at me like I'm crazy - "you web surf in other languages?"....guilty. I go on visual adventures for cool stuff & follow the links where they take me. This time they took me to Berlin.
Cool. Cooler. The Coolest. I ran across this site in one of my online adventures researching the TrendWatcher class I taught for CKU Masters & Home Study. I was looking for cool international sites that had design elements I liked & that were on trend. I fell in love with their bizarre selections. If money were no object there are so many wacky, whimsical & wonderfully weird things I would buy from here. Click around - enjoy!


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