Monday, October 22, 2007

Home, exhausted & hmmm...

Well, we're back from a whirlwind long weekend. I'm exhausted, I'm happy. I'm so very happy I was able to go - I miss Amy more than ever...I'm totally preoccupied with what's she's doing again. I'm thinking about her all the time. hmmm....

Matt, Meg & I flew into Columbia SC early last Thursday morning & met my aunt & uncle who drove up. Thursday was family day so we were able to hang out with Amy all day. It was great to visit, but we couldn't leave the base. We dropped her back at the barracks and turned in early to get up for her graduation ceremony. It's hard to believe basic training has flown by like this. She's still so "Amy", but at the same time she's so different & more grown up.
We got to take her to her next post after graduation and drove the couple of hours into Fayetville NC where she will be for the next 15+ weeks. We hung out in our hotel rooms, had dinner and visited for hours.

Saturday we had until 5PM to get her to base (which was just a few minutes away) so we hung out some more. It was so great to hear her stories and be able to spend some real quality time with her.
She ended up having more free time after she logged into the base & we ended up having dinner together. We left the base after dark & took a wrong turn. We realized we had hummers in front of us & behind us - like we were in a convoy (no warning signals going off in our head, after all, we thought we were leaving an army base). We promptly started freaking out when the road turned into gravel & dirt and we were reeling into a field with a large sign posted to our right that said "DROP ZONE". about a sharp u-turn. We got the heck out of there. Once we realized we probably weren't getting blown up we had a fit of nervous laughter. And if you thought that was funny - you should have seen us going through the checkpoint getting back into the base coming from the restricted area. Once we got everything explained away they let us pass and called out "Have a safe journey. Careful folks, it's a Saturday night - there's a lot of idiots out there on the road". To which my Aunt Carol answered "Yes, and five of them are in this car!"
We got into Atlanta at 3AM & left for the airport at 6AM to catch a flight home (ouch). Matt was able to nap, but I was too wound up & straightened up Sunday afternoon. I went to the grocery store twice & cooked and tried to function on virtually no sleep.
Today we set up a cool new corner in our offices - we had slat wall installed & merchandised our own product. It sounds strange, but it was really awesome - having it all out like that made me really want to create. You can check it out here & read about it here.
There's so much more I could blog about, but I'm wretchedly tired so for now I'm going to have to sign off...


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