Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Online Pick of the Week...

I'm a big trend watcher...I've taught the trend watching class for CKU for years, and have dedicated years to reading up on generational studies and following pop culture & design trends. I spend a lot of time finding great places online where I can "increase my visual literacy". I've shared sites with a few of you - and invariably when I do this people get really I thought, "why not do a site a week on the blog?" So that's the new goal. Once a week {random day} I will feature one of my favorite places to go online.

I read The Long Tail this summer which explained how with the internet our tastes are becoming much more specialized. It's a major shopping trend we can measure - not just in our life times, but in the last couple of years. Think about it. When we were young, we would go to the big box/department store and what they had was what we were exposed to - maybe some catalog & some boutique shopping, but basically a pretty narrow selection to choose from. With the internet, we now have infinite shelf space to browse through. What percentage of Raphsody's million titles do you think they actually sell a year? Conventional business models would estimate 20%, I went "crazy" and guessed 40%. They sell 98% of their titles every year. Most of their money comes from "the long tail" - a few purchases per title but with a million titles. It's a really interesting read. As I browse through etsy and this current boom of independent retailers online, I'm usually overwhelmed how specific my tastes have become. I blogged about my music the other day and, in rereading that post I'm still surprised how definable my tastes are. It's a really exciting time in selling and marketing because all of the rules are changing so rapidly.

Wow, I'm a nerd sometimes...I'm just on fire about this kind of stuff.
Now for the website of the week: The Curiosity Shoppe

This is a fun site run by a couple that are "obsessed with beautiful things" - great premise for a shop. There's neat stuff on here. I think I might need the ice jewels - the ice cube tray that makes faceted jewel shapes (only $6). What I'd really like (that I'd probably never spend the money on) is the Owl paperweight - it's exactly like one my mom had.

And they have a craft room section to their site with wacky crafting items. Personal favorites: the paint by numbers set and the matchstick garden.


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