Sunday, June 17, 2007


Do you have a favorite scrapbook? Think for a minute of how empty you would feel if it was gone...just gone.
My friend Debby Schuh went to the restroom at CKU and when she returned her entire bag with everything from her name badge, schedule, reese's peanut butter cups and her favorite scrapbook (the second volume of her CKU memories) WAS GONE. She has recorded CKU from a teacher's perspective since the first CKU she taught at (and s she's second to me in longevity here - probably over 25 CKUs for Debby). It is all of our favorite scrapbook - it's like the "teacher's album". Who am I kidding - it's my favorite scrapbook too...

There are pictures from every teacher dinner & drinks and lots of personal memories. And irreplaceable stuff too - every piece of ephemera from the events - bits of schedules & the old handbooks, handmade tags from each city made by the CK staff, personal thank yous from her, so much. She is the only instructor who has thought to chronologically record the teacher's perspective so thoroughly. We all look forward to seeing the update she's made from the last event at each new CKU.

Maybe it was swept up, maybe someone wanted a souvenir and didn't realize something so intensely personal was in the bag. No one cares at this point. We just all want to get Debby her album back. She is beside herself.


Blogger Nancy said...

I am so sorry for her loss... I totally feel the pain... Last october after doing a demo, my cropper hopper including 3 12x12 scrapbook albums, my favorite travel journal and another mini album got stolen out of my car... I also was robbed of about 1000 dollars in scrapbook materials, but I only really cared about the pages... there was a one of kind picture in there from my mom when she was about 16, and that was the only one from that time... luckily I took a picture of the layout, but the loss is overwhelming, I know...

I really really really hope someone will give her back what never should have been taken in the first place.

Hugs, Nancy
The Netherlands

4:59 AM  
Blogger Margie H said...

Emily, looks like everything was going right with the exception of the missing bag. Poor Debby! Hopefully someone had made a mistake and that she gets all of it back! Thinking good thoughts! MargieH in Chicago

11:07 PM  

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