Thursday, May 31, 2007

A long way from home...

Dutch Sunset
Originally uploaded by emilykhadams.
Well, this is interesting...when I log into blogger here {Egmond aan Zee}, the site translates itself to Dutch...hmmm. Well, I had a weather delay in Dallas & a baggage delay in London, but I finally arrived in Amsterdam around 4 (I'm 7 hours ahead of CST now). The long flight was so super crowded I couldn't sleep much - maybe 3-4 hours. Somehow I've had the discipline to stay up. I'm like the walking dead, but I'll thank myself when I'm in sync tomorrow.

I got to walk down to the beach after dinner & watched the sun set. It's been a reall long time since I devoted myself to watching a sunset. It was so calming. I have to sort out kit issues in the morning & start teaching tomorrow night - fun! Well, I better knock's almost 11 here & my crocs are full of sand.


Blogger Angie said...

So glad you survived the delays and the flight! Call me when you get home- BTW, beautiful picture!!!

9:17 PM  

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