Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blogging challenged...

I feel such blog-guilt. I know I have been slacking off lately with the posting, but maybe I can make up for it with some awesome posts from Amsterdam...I leave tomorrow. I run errands & pack in the morning. The shuttle comes around 3:30. I got an Mp3 player for my birthday & my cousin Meg filled it up with music to prepare me for the journey. I also downloaded some audio books for the trip - Blink, Stranger in a Strange Land and Pride & Prejudice. I'm also bring Olivia Joules & the Overactive Imagination. With layovers, airport wait, flying & driving time I'm facing a 17 hour trip tomorrow-Thursday.


Anonymous Loeske de Witte said...

Good luck! See you when you get here.. :)

6:07 PM  

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