Sunday, May 06, 2007

Extremely busy weekend......

Lots of great things happened this weekend - I had lunch with my dad & Sharon and they gave me an awesome tripod for my birthday. My friend Angie came over with her husband Steve & we had a visit and she gave me a copy of Rachel Ray's 365, No Repeats book which I really wanted to try. Amy gave her senior speech at Midway Hills - I cried so hard it was audible...that's a post for another time. I got some {a bit} of work done. Matt helped change his brother's brakes, locked himself out of the house without wallet or phone & broke back in, played golf on the course with friends and putted in our back yard. I bought 4 more black shirts {in a rut - I know} and I killed my black crocs {there was a shoe incident the day after the prom photo - they probably committed "shoe suicide" after being held up alongside such pretty shoes}. But in reality the big, huge ordeal this weekend was that it was my cousin Amy's senior prom.

Meg {a mere sophomore} got to go to thanks to their fabulous friend {virtually in the family by now} Jake, who asked Meg at lunch on Friday the day before! I ended up meeting the girls with their mom at the mall at 9:30 that night and got to check out the dress. Went to another mall the next morning to go accessory shopping. Ended up over at their house taking pictures like a crazed paparazzi. I took 367 pictures {whoa}. I was so honored to be a part of the whole process. Amy was born one week before I graduated from high school and I thought it was the coolest thing ever to finally get a cousin. It's so strange to see her graduating now. Good strange - I'm very proud of her. Can you believe she made it home by 12:30? She told me getting ready was actually more fun than prom {no offence to her date}.

Well, all is sorted into a giganto flickr album. They're beautiful. Wow, it's over. I still can't believe how much we crammed into a weekend.


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