Friday, May 04, 2007

Domo arigato, Mr Roboto...

Ever had a song stuck in your head so hard it hurts?'s one of those days. Happy Friday. Here's my top 10 eye candy picks for the weekend.
1. Beautiful Decay - my favorite magazine right now, graffiti & other art crimes.
2. DesignSponge - the best design blog ever!
3. Oh Joy! - if you like DesignSponge, check this one too...
4. Etsy - the ultimate spot for handmade goodness. Try the color picker.
5. Delightful Blogs - there are currently 113 "delightful blogs" in the DIY Crafting section. They go through a screening process to make sure they are mainly craft oriented, updated often and are generally delightful {fun, funny, no adult content}. I am thrilled to be one of their delightful picks.
6. Decor8 - another home decor blog.
7. - punk {that doesn't make you feel too old}.
8. I Love Your T-Shirt - a T-shirt blog...yes, the net has something for everyone!
9. Shana Logic - great indie shop {formerly Pixel Girl}.
10. BlueQ - Ginger told me about this one. Not only is the stuff so much fun, I love their "about us" section!
Have a great National Scrapbook Day! enjoy...


Blogger Sue said...

happy birthday! sorry I missed it the other day.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Hey Emily,
Will you post more about your Bind-it-All? Looks like a pretty cool tool. How big can it bind? Short comings? I'm thinkin' I may need one. Thanks. Lovin' your blog.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you rock! miss you...
miss TC

ps I got your hookup...or I should say Ty did. need your addie...

9:25 PM  

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