Friday, March 23, 2007

Not so fancy...

This will not be the long, beautiful, thought-provoking blog entry I intended to write. Today I flew from Dallas to Salt Lake City & from Salt Lake City to Calgary. I started a great new book, The Long Tail and took some (what I hope will be amazing) aerial shots out the window of the plane. I shared a cab with Lisa Bearnson and was so engrossed in talking to her I almost knocked myself out with the cab door.

So here I am, glamorous scrapbooker extraordinaire: frizzy hair in a knot on my head, broken out face, swollen chin (cab door incident), with a watered down Coke from Wendy's huddled in a stairwell of the wrong TravelLodge 20 blocks from the event where I'll be teaching because this is the spot where there's internet connectivity and this is where I booked a room...such is life. And I still love my job. Every weird minute of it.


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