Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mission accomplished...

Gar-bage sale is more like it...We piggy backed onto Matt's sister's garage sale today {which did well & had a lot of good stuff, no thanks to us} - however...we didn't take much time to go through our stuff so we brought only the "most obvious" garage sale choices from our house.

A few of the diamonds in the rough of ours that did not sell: an electric hairbrush, a neon pink pacman picture frame, and a handheld karaoke cassette player with built in microphone from 1989 {how could anyone pass that up???}.

Some of our junk that sold first - go figure: $2 used shower curtain, a toy Donkey from the Shrek movie {and every time someone picked it up Matt did his Donkey impression for us}, and a handheld karaoke cassette player from 1991 {yes, I admit it...I am a karaoke queen}.

Everything left at 1PM {that didn't get thrown away from shame} got boxed up for the kidney foundation. We broke $20 for no work other than rolling out of bed so, not too shabby. oooh - and I scored 2 cookbooks! Tracy did well and we had a great morning I need to figure out lunch & take a nap...


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