Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kids from Haiti Cookbook...

The Kids from Haiti Cookbook is finally available & will be on sale through April 6th. This cookbook was compiled by my friends, Mark & Natasha Hixon {see Tasha with her three beautiful soon-to-be children on the right} who have been in the process of adopting these three from Haiti since 2005. They have four of their own all still at home, so this will bring their them to a brave total of seven children! Mark & Tasha have so much love to give - their hearts melted when they went to Haiti and saw the conditions there and knew they had to do something.

If you recognize Tasha's name, you should. She invented the QuicKutz machine and she & her husband Mark run the company. She asked all of her friends in the industry to contribute recipes for this fundraising cookbook. You'll find recipes from Lisa Bearnson, Becky Higgins, Stacy Julian, the entire QuicKutz crew {& me} to name a few. I will be ordering my copy soon & I hope you do the same! At only $20, you might want to order more than one. They will ship in time for Mother's Day & after the printing & shipping costs are covered every cent will go to the Holt Fontana Village where their daughter Katiana is living, awaiting a passport and visa to join her first family.


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