Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Storm Season...

This is not what you want to look out your window and see during the day - unless you're a storm lover like me and you grab your camera to get a quick pic before the sky explodes. Well, storm season is officially here with a vengeance. We've been enjoying weather in the 70's (and I think we even made it into the low 80's last weekend) and with that warmer air hitting colder air to the north storm season is born once again.

It's raining so hard outside right now it's almost black outside my window & the thunder is rattling the windows. I'm fascinated by how rapidly weather can change here & the way the temperature plummets right before the rain starts - and the way the sky goes kind of green before it gets bad. As long as the hail misses us I'm a happy camper. With our watering ban, the yard really needs it. We're supposed to get waves of this through tomorrow and all of next week...I love the rain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so when the sky turns green, you might want to put the cars in the garage!

the joys of living in houston...it rains way way too much!


12:00 AM  
Anonymous Keely said...

Emily, I love thunderstorms!! unfortunately, my son has been horribly frightened by them. he's now 13. I hope he'll be ok this year. we're north of chicago and the weather is unpredictable. i was in a meeting 2 weeks ago where the snow was horizontal. the next day it was so foggy you couldn't see the next building. I love it!

8:54 AM  

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