Saturday, February 17, 2007

Setting up & setting out...

Well, I took some photos today. Janice & I set up our portion of the ScrapGenie booth where we're exhibiting at Stitches today. We're at the NCE which stands for H-U-G-E. Our lackluster cabbie dropped us off at the entrance for the equestrian show this weekend, which we walked through to get to our hall.

After setting up we took the train back to Birmingham New & rested a bit at the hotel. When I say we rested a bit - I don't know what Janice did, I fell asleep. I did get to call home and talk to Matt...which was great & made me cry. I miss him {am unusually emotional & mushy}.

We headed out to look for dinner. Actually we are around the corner from the hip section of Birmingham. It's really pretty here at night. There was this mad scientist fountain with all these mysterious tubes & levers. Janice got in it {that's her on the right}.

The walk down to the restaurants and pubs was beautiful. If we were party girls there was a spot, Reflex 80's Bar, which we would've gone into if we'd felt a little more chic. There was 80's music blasting out of the place & pacman flashing up on the big screen...

We were prepared for the restaurants to be jam packed & were surprised and delighted to get a table right away at Tin Tin {awesome deep fried tofu}. This whole area is just beautiful. I couldn't help snapping pictures of the canal, the bridge & a snap of bustling Broad Street.

Tomorrow the show starts & I will do some snaps of the booth.
Oh, I almost forgot!!! I forgot how much I love the breakfasts here! Their bacon is beyond description & I love anywhere you can have roasted tomatoes & grilled mushrooms in the morning. And I adore hot tea wih milk. aaaaaahhhh....


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