Friday, February 09, 2007

home, sweet home...

This is our favorite neighborhood place. We had lived here three years before Ashley happened to introduce it to us at lunch one day. It is about 3 minutes from my house and some of the freshest tasting TexMex I've ever had. Here's what I love about Amigos...
  • they make their hot sauce fresh twice a day and I get a large container of it almost every week - it's super fresh & heavy on the lime & cilantro, just the way we like it
  • when I get their hot sauce home I eat it with scrambled eggs, I make queso with it & tend to cook fajitas when I have it on hand
  • They make the BEST BREAKFAST in the world {weekends only}. We love the beef fajita omelets - they're amazing
  • we never feel "heavy" or tired after eating there
  • Everybody gets a free appetizer spicy-baby-tostada-thingie.
  • Awesome taco salad & great guacamole.
  • Their margaritas are strong & taste great. Before 7 pm they're $2.00. On Monday they're $2 all day.
  • The waiters know us. The owners' daughter is in our nieces' girl scout troop.
  • It's small but bustling spot that has become another "home" to me. It is the first meal I want to eat when I get home from a trip & the one food I really miss while I'm gone.

I was trying to figure out my topic for today at dinner tonight {you know where} & I realized this was it. Do you have a place that feels like home? I was surprised that I've never even taken a picture of or scrapbooked about one of my favorite places.


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