Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nothing beats good books...

It was a busy day full of errands & going through stuff. We were so wiped out we had an early dinner & went to bed around 6:30...once we rested for a bit we realized it would throw our schedules completely out of whack if we actually fell asleep that early so we headed to the closest half price books. As usual, we didn't find what we set out for, but I found an ancient copy of Dickens' Old Curiosity Shop in great condition that just came in for $3.50 and this beautifully illustrated 1956 copy of The Wizard of Oz for $5. I love old books and reading something that's been read before always makes me feel like I've shared in a collective experience...

Well, I did say we were each on a mission for a specific book so we headed over to Borders. The one by us is closing this month & was having a sale. Matt found his - The Absolute Beginner's Guide to eBay {I'm slightly alarmed, but he's happy as a clam, so OK then}. And I found mine - The Tipping Point. My friend, Debby recommended it to me. It's a study of social epidemics in today's society and how small things can make a big difference. And I found a new magazine that I love & I can actually afford subscribing to {LOL} - Beatuiful Decay. "Beautiful Decay was created to bridge the gap between art and graffiti, underground and mainstream, design and fine art, Punk rock and hip hop, illustration and design, and most importantly high and low art." - how can you not just eat that up?

I have a great problem - I don't know what to read next. I'm going to shelve Son of a Witch for now. I'm just too excited about reading some of to bed with a good book!


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