Friday, February 16, 2007

4752 miles & 6 hours later...

Well I made it! The flight was a breeze - had a whole row to myself , got to lie down & thanks to Simply Sleep had over 8 hours {which is unusual for me}. So, I made the 6 hour trasnition pretty well. There were a lot of trains & in case you didn't realize it, let me share a warning with you: there are virtually no "lifts" {elevators} on the tube system & each platform is seperated by stairs. So remember that when you're packing - he fewer bags the better!

We're hanging out at Janice's friend, Gloria's apartment & watching her darling 2 year-old Noah zip around. It was really nice after the 2+ hour ordeal of switching multiple trains to get into the city to have somewhere friendly to nap {1 hour only} & eat take away {chicken shawarma wrap & hummus - yum!}. We have another train ride tonight - it's about 1 1/2 hours to Birmingham where we will be staying the next few days.


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