Wednesday, March 08, 2006

things that made me happy today...

  • I finished packing all the bulk/custom supplies for CKU-A class kits & shipped it all to Florida to be kitted out at headquarters. (done, done, done!)
  • Since I've been up since 4 am I've already watched Goblet of Fire twice today.
  • I got a wonderful handmade card from Josiane & Bernie in the mail wishing me well (thanks guys - Josiane, beautiful card).
  • The Project Runway finale is tonight.
  • I had a pot roast in the crock pot when I got home & leftovers for lunch tomorrow (the best).
  • It's going to rain tonight.
  • I have three flavors of jello to choose from in the fridge (strawberry, lemon or green apple - decisions, decisions).
  • I'm getting to hang on the couch with Matt and just laugh & cuddle...

It's been a long, but really good day.....


Blogger Ginger said...

Just checking in on you! :)

3:19 PM  
Blogger Emily Adams said...

Ginger....WHEN are you gonna have that baby???? I should be checking in on you. I chack your blog every day & it makes me feel like we've talked, but I need to sit down & call you. Maybe we'll talk this weekend if you're not off having a kid?

6:04 PM  

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