Sunday, March 12, 2006

Does anybody need a mower?

We got another two riding lawnmowers this weekend...he was going to refurbish & sell both of them...but he heard one run and I saw "the look". I think he's in love - I have a funny feeling it's going to be a permnent addition. I used to think there was a finite number of riding lawnmowers you could own, apparently I was mistaken (we now have 5 not to mention countless push mowers & lawn equipment and go karts and a hovercraft - but that's a different story).

Saw Failure to Launch this weekend with friends - much funnier than expected. The supporting cast was hysterical - loved her roommate, his friends & parents. Conclusion: surprisingly worth seeing - very fun!

Got my Home Companion Saturday - such a beautiful magazine. It always inspires me. Loved the write ups on the woman who designs chandeleirs and Drooz Studio...the pictures were total eye candy. (painting by Shelly Kennedy, Drooz Studio)


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