Friday, March 10, 2006

Ginger, this is for you...

I know you've been buggin' me about seeing the new haircut & I've come to the conclusion I may never be getting the pictures from our niece's birthday party so here goes. I took it myself & this was the most centered one I could manage.

I warned you - the shorter it gets the more poodle like I become. What I do like is that it's really easy to keep up with.

I've noticed a kind of bride of frankenstein thing going on since the stroke - or maybe I was just in denial about how much gray I had before...we're going to call it salt & pepper and say it's in style. Work with me here...


Blogger Ginger said...

Cool! Totally not what I pictured! I like it! My "do" is actually a lot like yours, now. :)

Great minds think alike! LOL!

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Elena Etcheverry said...

Hey Emily!

I hope you are doing great! I sent you a package in the mail a couple of weeks ago. did you get it? I just got back from Egypt. Just incredible!

hope to hear from you soon!

Elena in San Diego

5:53 PM  
Anonymous laura gist said...

love the new "do"- very flattering!! glad you are on the mend!!

8:41 AM  

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