Sunday, August 03, 2008

Girl Talk...

Well, I guess the fun never ends around here...Matt's sister, Tracy came over & brought our niece Amy & her friend that was spending the night. Tracy & I opened up a bottle of Pinot Noir and nibbled on cheeses and talked while Amy & Ashley watched Clueless.

After the movie was over we split a couple pieces of chocolate cherry cake and I brought out some of my stuff from LUSH. Tracy did her hands then we all did facials with the mask samples I picked up earlier that day Trac & I used "Crash Course in Skincare" and the girls tried a mask called "Catastrophe Cosmetic" {with blueberries}. {OK...the photos are just funny - please take into consideration that it's after midnight & covered in goo!!}

I think I won over another LUSH convert {or three} tonight. We agreed we have GOT to do this more often!


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