Thursday, July 31, 2008

Book Reports...

I've been reading a lot this summer, so I thought it was time for a few book reports.

I sucked down several audio books the first half of the summer {I so *love*!} - The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass, Lemony Snickets and Pride & Prejudice {again}.

In the spirit of the reread I took The Lives and Loves of a She-Devil with me to Chicago. I fell in love with the story when it was a silly little movie back in 1989 and always meant to pick up the book. I randomly saw it at Half Price Books about a year ago and was shocked at how dark it was. I wanted to reread it when I wasn't so off guard for what I was getting into. It's dark and absolutely twisted and I love it! I must remember to read more by Fay Weldon...

Whoohoo! The seventh "undead" book is out & I finished it off in a sitting {goodbye sleep}. This witty series by Mary Janice Davidson is like Sex & the City meets Dracula. The books are all about Betsy Taylor - a shoe shopping, sarcastic, self-involved 30-something who happens to accidentally be the Queen of the Vampires. These books are FUNNY, quick reads and downright enjoyable. Check out the rest of the series:
  • Undead & Unwed
  • Undead & Unemployed
  • Undead & Unappreciated
  • Undead & Unreturnable
  • Undead & Unpopular
  • Undead & Uneasy
Speaking of Undead...I started Twilight earlier this summer and put it down about a month before CHA because I couldn't keep up with a paper book time wise while prepping for the show. I really liked what I read so far and am going to pick it back up tonight. For Meg's {belated} birthday we're taking her to the midnight book opening for the fourth book in the Twilight series {Breaking Dawn} tomorrow night and getting her the book.


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Nikki is completely addicted to these. WE will be attending a party that evening for the book too. If you happen to go to firewheel you are likely to run into your other niece and several of her friends.


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