Saturday, August 02, 2008

Best day in a LONG TIME...

I haven't had a chance to hang with Angie much this year, but today everything worked out & we headed to Northpark to shop & walk around.

1. Paper Source - the grand opening was today!!!! I am a Paper Source girl & I was sooooooo happy to be there for there Texas opening. I saw some old friends there {the paper biz is a small world}, that was cool. Also - got a real thrill seeing Luxe papers on their shelves!!! I ended up buying a camo duck to send to Amy.
2. Lush - We ended up there 3 times...When you love their products do you say you're a lush? Anyway - We had our hands exfoliated & got some face mask samples & tried to catch the bouquet a couple times {one of their employees was tossing a bouquet every hour & whoever caught it got a free white wedding ball - and no we didn't win}. Ang got a massage bar & I picked up a small ocean salt.
3. Lunch at P.F. Chang's - yum! Had to take a pic of the mini desert tray...
4. Williams Sonoma - Excellent window shopping. We didn't get anything there, but if we had I would have been tempted to buy the cupcake cake pan & I think Ang would've gotten some of the Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate mixes.
5. Anthropologie - I could stay in that store for hours...Ang had never been!?! So many things to see I don't even know what to link to!! Here's a random favorite...
6. Northpark Mall - I'm not a "mall" person, but I have to admit I love Northpark! It has so many beautiful stores and it's lines are clean and classic. They are always art exhibits and sculptures in the mall - it's a visual feast!
7. Bare Escentuals - Ang is hooked on this make up {her skin looks fantastic!} and she really wanted to introduce me to their stuff. I fell in love with their lip gloss and couldn't leave without some. I bought the Krystal & Ang bought the Stella.

After the mall we came back to the house & played You Just Became a Millionaire for a while. It turns out she got about 95% of my questions right and I was averaging about 75% of hers...we had a good laugh and kept talking. We talked all was so great!

OK...this will put it in perspective of how long it's been since we got together - I still had her gift I brought home from Japan {different kinds of teas - she's a tea junkie} from February and she still had my birthday present from April! Ang hit it out of the park this birthday by getting me a copy of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. WOW...I can't wait to get started! Thanks, Ang for a perfect day! I feel totally happy, exhausted & relaxed. Can't wait to do it again!


Blogger Angie said...

I agree....BEST DAY!!!! I had so much fun- felt great to just hang out like we used to----no more long waiting again!!!! :-)

9:12 AM  

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