Saturday, July 26, 2008

Preparing to melt...

It's Saturday morning & I should be frantically doing things, but here I sit.

Today we're headed to Lake Bonham for an Adams family reunion. It will be 102+ ugh. Anyway, I made a gi-normous fruit salad & packed a few pounds of carrots & celery and have iced down the ranch dip, so my part of the pot luck is ready to go. I still have to figure out some kind of swap-bingo-prize-thingie that's supposed to be an existing item in the house(???). I have a couple of bottles of wine ready for when we get back too...It's still in the air, but we will either have 2 or 5 overnighters coming home with us from the reunion.

Wish me a cool day & sanity - off I go...don't worry, I'm taking e camera!


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