Thursday, July 17, 2008

Live from Chicago...

Hello readers...well, I'm back in the hotel room in time to get an early night's sleep before Cha opens (if I get off the computer, lol). I gave a breakdown of the last few days over on the Luxe blog if you want to see what we've been up to.

Don't get me wrong, these events are a lot of hard work, but we had a few free hours and Jen wanted to make sure we were able to relax and have a quiet dinner & an early night before the show since we busted a move & had everything ready for tomorrow by this afternoon.

So, in light of not blogging the same thing twice (since I already did the official post on the other blog), I wanted to tell you a little about our short shopping trip out to Lincoln Park & about our dinner this evening. Once we found somewhere to park we started walking around the neighborhood and happened across AROMA Workshop. The place was so fascinating looking we had to go in. They will mix your own personal blended scent (so much fun). We worked with the people in the shop for a while to create our own custom blends. Here are the darling little bottles that were EVERYWHERE...

And here we are...or rather here are the girls & my hair - what was I doing over there in the photo? Who knows...btw, my scent is a blend of fresh air, white tea & chaos (love it).

If you don't know the crew here's the gang (from left to right) Jen, me, Paula, Pam & Cindie.

We also ended up going into Lori's Shoes, "The Sole of Chicago". As you know, I'm not normally a shoe person, but wow, I could convert. I bought a pair of Pr!vos & the girls picked up some other things (Jen found a pocketbook and Paula found a ring she really liked). I ended up leaving in my new shoes - it might be the only thing that got me through the day. The honeymoon is over with the shoes I bought before I left, or maybe my feet are just swollen. Anyway, these are heavenly.

For dinner we did tapas & cava sangria at Cafe Babareeba (go Jen, great choice). It was wonderful since we were all able to have tastes of so many yummy things without getting all full and heavy feeling. My personal favorites? Let's see - the garlic potato salad, the Spanish artisan cheeses and the shrimp with garlic, olive oil & red pepper flakes. Yumm-o.

Well, to get my glorious beauty sleep I need to log off & turn in. I plan to blog booth pictures tomorrow night (prob on the Luxe blog), so be sure to check back. Viva Luxe!!! Hope to see you if you're here!


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