Saturday, July 12, 2008


Had so much to do this weekend...and am currently resting - a major item on my to do list, but one I usually blow off...

Meg was with us through last night so I got up early and wrapped her a little "I-know-it's-your-birthday-and-we're-technically-celebrating-later, but-you-totally-needed-a-little-present-today" present, a manga kit. I even made her favorite, chocolate chip waffles for breakfast. Meg & I helped Matt get started on some awesome promotional buttons for Luxe before she got whisked away by her parents for a day of birthday fun. Then Matt & I ran to the post office and had lunch...then came the errands from hell.

Why is it the average lifespan of a shirt is from tradeshow to tradeshow and before every show I need to go shopping? Shopping for clothes was, well, torture & took forever (usually I have luck, but today was just painful) but shopping for shoes (which I usually hate) was blissfully wonderful. Yes - I just used the word blissful to describe my shoe shopping experience. So here is my answer to CHA success - these shoes in black. SO comfy, great support & such soft leather...and get this - they're rocket dogs!!! I didn't know they did "real" shoes - I love my dogs! And you know you can't go to CHA without a back up pair so I got these too.

Anyway, it was, like - over 100 degrees & I was all melted so I went home. Tomorrow I have to get some hair product & go to Staples for some CHA stuff, do laundry, pack, run to Target & make a few booth samples. But tonight...tonight I relax. :)


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