Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another life lesson from Matt...ALWAYS GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR

Didn't I just post this??? I am kicking myself - I should have DRAGGED his behind to an eye doctor or the ER Wednesday - or at least by Thursday...

Matt felt like something blew into his eye Wednesday {it was super windy that day}. Wednesday night he said - don't worry, it will flush out when I go to sleep tonight.

Thursday he asked the pharmacist how to properly flush out his eye and was sure "it" washed out and his eye was just sore because he'd aggravated it so much trying to get "it" out. We never could see "it" - he was positive "it" was on his upper eyelid since it hurt every time he blinked.

Well, Friday night when he got home I took him to PrimaCare {and btw, don't go there for eye injuries - just go to the ER}. They put drops in and said whatever "it" was "it" was gone and it must have left a nasty scratch on his cornea. They did numb his eye & put a patch on him like a pirate and that's how I brought him home. The numbing wore off when he was sleeping & he woke up worse than ever.

So this morning I called a zillion eye places trying to get any opthamologist in a 50 mile radius to look at him. I ended up finding an angel {and our new eye doc} 5 minutes from our house. The minute she put him under the scope she gasped and said "WOW - I'm getting my digital camera, don't move!" Um............not exactly what you want to hear, but relieved we're about to find out what "it" was.

Matt had a piece of rusted metal fly into his eye and embed into his cornea. She explained every time he rubbed, blinked or shut his eye it embedded deeper into his eye. *cringe* She had to dig it out of his eye *cringe* and it broke in half *ugh* and she had to dig some more....She said she couldn't get the ring of rust residue out because if she dug in the "crater" any more she would create more scar tissue. She also said the rusty part would work it's way out as the cells regenerate.

Luckily Matt's tetanus was up to date {when he did this in January} - so now he has antibiotic drops, has to keep it super lubricated & has to wear sunglasses {he hates that one}. He'll probably get a "shadow" in his vision as the scar tissue forms {within3 days}, but the doc said once he becomes accustomed to it, it will be like it's not there.

So - the moral of this story - NEVER take eye problems lightly. If it hurts, there's a reason - go ahead and call the after hours line at the eye doctor's - that's what it's there for.


Blogger Angie said...

Oh my--- he needs to get together with Josh!!!! Maybe I should've taken Matt with us to Children's back in January- never, ever mess with the eyes!! I'm glad it will all get better- by the way, the opthamologist at Children's told us that patches aren't good for eye infections/injuries- they keep the bad stuff in- another reason not to trust PrimaCare.

-off the subject- you were ABSOLUTELY right about The Office- AWESOME episode!!!

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