Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Sense"-ational Sundays...


I saw this in Northpark Mall {the Barney's New York window} last week, the whole thing is made out of scrap cardboard, recycled cans and old bottlecaps - I love it! It's gi-normous!!!

I HEAR: I got The Minority Report and Other Short Stories by Philip K Dick from {great site} & have been listening to them every day in the car this week. I've read this set & enjoyed it so much I wanted to have it to listen to. So far this week I've listened to The Minority Report, We'll Remember It for You Wholesale {the story Total Recall was based on}, Paycheck & Service Call.

I TASTE: We're going to award this category to what Matt referred to as my "cookie hockey pucks". It comes down to this. Sometimes we don't trust our oven. It is no fault of the oven, just a quirk Matt and I both have. So when something is supposed to be done we peer at it and go - "Does that look right to you?" And always when someone asks you that you feel obligated to give something at least 5 more minutes or bump up the temperature to where you think the cookie people really meant it to be...anyway. They didn't blacken they just got very, very dry. The cookies tasted great, if you sucked on them. Which we did.

I TOUCH: Luxe, Luxe & more Luxe - still with the Luxe limited! I have 2 more kits & projects to create for the upcoming week, so I'll be talking about it some more I'm sure!

I SMELL: Coffee...which smells really good on this chilly morning. That's right, it's finally getting cold in Texas. It's been warmer than usual here yesterday up to 85 - today down to 39. That's Texas for you.


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