Thursday, December 13, 2007

Life is good...a real post

Wow, taking the time to actually blog...Just one more kit on the 12 days of Christmas! I am beside myself, I'm so excited...I'm really in love with all of them. I'll post all 12 here tomorrow.

I had a pacemaker callibration & check up this morning - I'm doing great! The lady from St. Jude's is so nice - she even made me copies of of my report {sweet}. Here's the good stuff: Since July my heart has beaten 22,137,656 times. I know. It's been counting, I have a chart. My pacer only fires >1% of the time on the atrial side, but the ventricular side...well, it runs my heart <98% of the time. {So I guess if I didn't have it I'd be about <98% dead. Good to know. Kind of sobering when it's all there on paper. Thank God for gadgets!} She could even tell I've started working out...she saw the percentage of time my heart rate increased went up. Cool. After years of crappy doctor's appointments, it's so nice to be getting good reports.

After that I started Christmas shopping this morning...did a fair chunk, grabbed lunch while I was out, came home did a little art & packaged up some etsy sales


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