Sunday, December 16, 2007

Adams Family Weekend...

It was a long big weekend. It was Adams family reunion time & I think we set a record with the weather! Matt always does set up so there we were, trying to get the fire going to warm the cabin. Let's put it this way, it was a bit of a comedy starting is not one of our "skills". But after an hour we got it going. It was a good time. Matt has tons of cousins & it's always good to hang out for the day. I even was brave enough to join the domino game.

Matt's brother David & his wife Julia and their son Zachary & Matt's sister Tammy all stayed at our house. I hadn't seen Zach since he was 2 months and now he's walking around {soooo cute}. I had to bribe him with a some biscuit, but we're buds now. Look at those beautiful dark eyes! We did the immediate family Christmas {Matt's one of 5} at our house today. It was a madhouse, fun & wonderful all at the same time...

I had to throw this in the weekend post....We finally got our new quilt. Matt's mom made this piece of gorgeousness for us. She is amazing! We shopped for the fabric together 4 years ago and I had the pattern picked out, so it was kind of a made to order present - I wanted something kind of modern-Quaker. You can't quite see in this picture, but all the colors are a beautiful multi-shade batik. Now we can finish that room. We want to paint blue, do distressed red painted furniture and funky folk art. I love it & so does Matt.

Tree time - I know I promised to put a picture of our tree up. The white tree has been a big hit and it was almost out of the "little feller's" reach. He teethed on Matt's Christmas ornament this year.


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