Thursday, March 29, 2007

Catching up from Calgary...

I looked at my blog and was shocked at how much time has passed since I've I thought I'd catch you up in chronological bursts.
I love all the really neat & talented people I meet on these trips. These are some of the girls I had dinner with my last night in Calgary & Lecia, thanks again for dinner!
I also discovered Zoom albums there (wow) and met their Tom Walsh (great slight Irish accent & super nice).
I ended up on the road from 9 am to about 10 pm Sunday, but arrived at my friend Laura's in Cincinnati safe & sound. We stayed up talking past 1 am...


Blogger scrappaleica said...

No prob for dinner Emily. It was awesome meeting you & sharing cheesecake! Maybe next time you'll be in Saskatoon for a show and I'll take you to the hip places!
Leica Forrest

9:34 PM  

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