Sunday, February 04, 2007

Awesome super bowl Sunday...

Today started like any other day. Matt & I are visiting a new church & really like it, so we went this morning & met my Uncle Glen, Aunt Carol & cousin Amy there. Afterwards we all went to Highlands Cafe {adding Meg to the group before lunch}. Amy had a Japanese club meeting & a big calculus project so she peeled off after lunch to do her own thing...

Speaking of Amy, while I was in Anaheim she went ahead & enlisted in the army!!!!!!!!!! She leaves for basic training in South Carolina in August after she graduates. She made a perfect score on the military aptitude tests & with her passion for math she wants to be a cryptographer. They're impressed that by 17 she's fluent in Spanish, has a pretty good handle on Japanese & has picked up a good dose of French, Latin & German as well. With her language aptitude, they're talking about sending her through intense linguistic training soon. After her first year she wants to apply to go to West Point. We are so proud of her for following her dreams - but understandably we're all scared to death.

Anyway, back to lunch...every year on super bowl Sunday my aunt & uncle and the girls do a movie marathon at the dollar movies. This is the first year in several years that we weren't having family over or were at some one's house. Matt wanted to stay home & dose in front of the game. I had planned to work during the game & then watch the commercials, but this was just to good to miss! I work too much anyway...

First we saw The Return, which had a vague nightmarish quality, but wasn't "great". I did like the choice of leading man, Peter O'Brien - courageously a little older and dirtier than the typical leading man - mmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmm-hmmm. 'nuff said.

After that we saw DeJa Vu, which was so good it had me reading the credits to see if it was adapted from a Philip Dick story {high praise for me}. Really good. Luckily I was sitting next to Meg & we got to squeeze the heck-o out of each other's fingers.

Then we had a short break & saw The Prestige, which I liked too. Another thinking thriller & this time I couldn't peg all the twists. Makes me want to run around & say "Are you watching closely?" in a slightly creepy way...

We wanted to finish on a lighter note so we picked something we thought would be fun, but we had NO IDEA it would be as funny as it ended up being! We watched the 9:30 show of Flushed Away. If you're a Wallace & Gromit fan this is a must & it might just be the cure for any day that's a little too serious. The slugs rocked!

Then through Wendy's drive through for dollar nuggets & soon to bed. I'll be starting the day with a first thing emergency trip to the dentist {I don't want to talk about it} and hopefully making it cross town to the hospital where my stepmom is having shoulder surgery by 11.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So...did you find a lucky winner for the "marry morris now" campaign? Maybe you could post some pics, mingle him through a few Happy Hours and see what we think!

11:46 PM  
Blogger Emily Adams said...

no winners yet - Morris is still single & pictured on the IP blog...we would love your feedback!

email me or Ginger for his info!

11:57 PM  

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