Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween happened...

Well, my internet has been down & I've been adjusting to the working world again - so I feel a little out of touch. Halloween happened - not many trick or treaters this year. Did up a little "display" for the ones that came over & I think it turned out pretty cute. I forgot to take it down the next day and our poor cable repair guy must have thought it had some kind of significance because he either saluted it or crossed himself each time he passed it while trying to fix the internet.

We did have some family treaters - our nieces & our cousins. You can see Haley made a darling 50's girl and Amy went with her baby doll stuck to her behind {she's a baby sitter!}.

Later, after my cousins worked a haunted house they headed over for candy with my Aunt Carol and we had a nice visit. See the mark on Amy's cheek? She's in AP Chemistry and did chemistry demonstrations for the underclassmen all day and got some kind of chemical burn {temporary} on her face and all over her hands and some up her arms. As usual, she was in great spirits in spite of it all - she said it didn't hurt anymore and really enhanced her "look". Meg faced the harsh reality that at 15 she is too old to go door to door {although she did try at a few doors}. She wore the cloak to school and was told that costumes weren't allowed. She successfully argued that a cloak is a type of coat and/or sweater and is not mentioned in the RISD dress code - and she would've gotten away with it too, if her friend Jake hadn't walked by and said "cool costume"...


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