Sunday, October 29, 2006

More down time...

lunch with Martha
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I forgot to change the clocks & have been "off" all day...I finished State of Fear this afternoon - I fell asleep about 500 pages in yesterday but couldn't quite make it. It was really good - made me think. Here's a great quote that fits in with the book..."There is nothing so firmly believed as what we least know" -Michel de Montaigne

One of my best friends, Martha picked me up & we had a leisurely lunch at Olive Garden*. She has a new job & wanted to give me all the details. We met 8 or 9 years ago when we both worked as tellers at Swiss Avenue Bank - how time flies! Martha is a former Scrappy's & Magic Scraps employee as well {coincidentally all 3 now out of business - go figure}. I hadn't realized we hadn't talked in a month {yikes - my bad}...sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in my travel schedule - Angie, you're next! I miss you too! I'm going to be calling!

Anyway...afterwards we went looking for a tube of icecicle stickles. No luck - the Stamp Asylum was closed & the Scrap Bucket had no idea what I was talking about. Then we dropped by the Dollar Tree to see if there were any bargains we couldn't live without & across the street to the closing Hancock's {now at 60% - 70% off}. We didn't find much, but had a good time going.

Matt's still not home from his uncle's...but will arrive later tonight. Ces't la vie...

*Did you know Olive Garden will sell you a bottle of their freshly made salad dressing if you ask? They have such cute bottles and it will guarantee my husband will eat salads regularly so it's a good deal for me. It's about $4 {which considering how cheap I am is kind of steep}, but a little goes a long way & it's fabulous! Some locations {not all apparently} will refill your bottle for less $ if you wash it and bring it back with you...


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