Monday, October 23, 2006

Speaking of St. Louis & other ramblings...

I never blogged about the wonderful women I got to hang out with in St. Louis...I've already gotten a few emails scolding me for not posting yet ;) sorry guys...

My internet has been out all day {neighborhood maintenance} so I'm over at my dad's on his computer. Anyway...I had such a great time with everybody! I learned all about White Castles and their "distinct aroma" {you know what I mean} - they had me so worked up over the potentially gassy consequences, I changed my mind about wanting to try one. Michelle did finally buy me 2 to try...I got through 1 bite & chickened out. After all, I was about to get on a plane for heavens sake.

Let's see...someone who shall remain nameless {NOT ME} "got her boob stuck in the salad bar" ROTFLOL. She was reaching in for the croutons with a plate in one hand & the tongs in the other and her bra got caught on the guard of the salad bar. She had to do this funny, twitchy dance to get was so funny. So she comes back top the table and sits down and just says it..."I'm sorry I took so long. My boob got caught in the salad bar." Just like that - totally matter-of-fact. So the waitress comes up and asks, "So ladies, is the salad bar fresh?"

I couldn't help myself. "Yes, it sounds pretty fresh to me". We all lost it. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. Our poor waitress, I think she thought we were laughing at her...

Anyway, thank you girls for a wonderful weekend! Keep in touch & I hope to see you again next year!!!

Now a short note about yesterday...I was in Lane Bryant trying to find a new shirt to film in and after a few trips out of the dressing room with "Honey, what about this one?", the woman in the dressing room next to mine popped out and asked "Are you Emily Adams of Magic Scraps?" um- wow. I've never been recognized in a non-scrapbook setting before. My husband was duly impressed. I guess I'm like Prince now "the artist formerly known as...", I'm Emily who used to be with Magic Scraps. I'm just Emily now. She was with her friend and both of them were in my CKU Houston classes. They helped me pick out my clothes for was pretty neat. They said purple was good on me and the blue & green together made me look more creative...I'm glad they were there. I hate picking out clothes - if I had my way I'd be in a uniform of black tops, blue jeans & crocs.

Well, I have tons of packing to do. I'm off to Utah at dark thirty in the morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily Hey girl--finally got on to see what you were doing. Glad you had a great time in St. Louis. We loved visiting with you and I just had a blast hanging out. Sorry about the white castle scare but hey I didn't want you to "share" the experience with everyone on the plane. Thanks for a nice relaxing weekend and I will be in touch. Michelle

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