Friday, October 20, 2006

Rewarding myself with a wee blogging break...

I got back to the hotel after dinner & a day long of teaching {4 in a row from 8 am on} and all I wanted to do was nap. But I checked my {overstuffed} email first & that jolted me awake...called Utah, called Cincinatti & Chicago, answered emails, called home and tackled my mega bonus gallery for the Extreme Altered Coasters class. {ooof - resizing, cropping close-ups, figuring out who-did-what-how and laying it much work as I thought it would be} Well, I FINISHED it! I just rewarded myself with my first check of the blog today & a quick spin down to the restauant to get a hot chocolate before they closed. I got a small fancy one last night in a cute glass with whipped cream it was deliscious...tonight they served it up in a giant to go cup, no whipped cream, just as tasty, but also at no charge - yep, gratis hot chocolate - I feel so special. I'm feeling fueled up sipping my cocoa - I think I'm going to keep going. My 8 am class was canceled so I can get a slightly later start in the morning...whoohoo!


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