Thursday, January 01, 2009

On My Desk Thursdays...

Inspired by one of my favorite sites, On My Desk, I have decided to share a photo of whatever is on my desk {whether it's art in progress or a gigantic mess} every Thursday. This week it's...

Technically this is a Friday picture (note the date). I got so wrapped up in my news yesterday I forgot. So here we have: Twin Peaks & a bunch of sewing stuff...In an effort to develop a routine (now that I'll be home so much), I've committed to walking on the treadmill every morning whether I want to or not. I've decided the best "timer" would be watching something I enjoyed & wouldn't take the time to watch otherwise. So I'm starting each day with an episode of the Peaks...the sewing stuff has been gathered to work on projects for StitchSlap! which I have been procrastinating.

So, what's on your desk? Post a link & let me know if you're playing along - I'd love to look at your desk too! Or just hop on and say hi. I know you're reading. :)


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