Thursday, December 18, 2008

On My Desk Thursdays...

Inspired by one of my favorite sites, On My Desk, I have decided to share a photo of whatever is on my desk {whether it's art in progress or a gigantic mess} every Thursday. This week it's...

...well, it's not technically MY desk. But it is a work surface in my home. This is a card table shot of Matt's projects! Matt confiscated my spiral binder the day I brought it home & he's been obsessed ever since. He's done a couple of dozen as gifts and for our etsy shop, but "now he's serious". After Christmas we're opening another etsy shop called "The Bookie" ( - which will feature Matt's spirals, other altered books, greeting cards, alterable gaming pieces & miscellaneous paper creations (ooooh - paper project kits too!). ManHandled will be exclusively devoted to our buttons, button accessories, magnets & cool gift wrapping options for them. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my crafty stud of a husband????

So, what's on your desk? Post a link & let me know if you're playing along - I'd love to look at your desk too! Or just hop on and say hi. I know you're reading. :)


Blogger Joye said...

A little late, getting caught up on blog reading. Thought I would share what was on my desk this week. Love your blog!

Anyway, you can see next to my computer is my newest member of my family.

3:42 PM  

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