Thursday, September 11, 2008


Spontaneous. That's the name of the game. After I took off early from work yesterday Matt & I ran some errands - we ended up at Tuesday Morning, the Dollar Store, Target (on a mission for a certain kind of hair's complicated) . And Matt's cell phone screen shattered & we had to go get that replaced (it was overdue for an upgrade anyway). We came home to watch the progression on Hurricane Ike (headed right for us) and I took a little nap on the couch.

My friend Martha came over & we went out to dinner at El Fenix and then we took off to the dollar movies and caught Wanted. So good...really makes me want to go dig up the comic books it was based on.

Today??? Well, I broke out in hives last night & as a result of having to take three Benadryls I really slept in today. Right now I'm just laying low. Matt's gone to get his truck inspected then we're heading to half price books to see what we can find. I'm loving this doing nothing thing...


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