Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mission Possible & Previews...

All quiet on the blogging front. Every waking moment is working on our new catalog for CHA, and it's looking HOT {can I say that since I'm working on it? oh well, it is}. As I'm laying it out I'm overwhelmed at the timelessness & usability of our lines and how they all work together - I absolutely love Luxe, I really do. So if you're wondering where I am, think 48 pages in 4 days - that's my mission & it's totally possible.

So have you been seeing the previews on the Luxe blog? We're running every other day. Here are the first two...


Blogger Aida Haron said...

They look oh so fabulous !!! Sending you some cheerleading vibes **GO EMILY GOOOOO .... !!!!** for all the work you are doing.


8:54 AM  

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