Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Sense"-ational Sunday {night}...

Our senses tell a story. I've committed to recording my 5 senses for the past week to explore my sensory world. I challenge you to do the same. If you choose to do so, just blog your 5 senses every Sunday & let me know, I'd love to read them.

I SEE: Bye-bye hair...a whole new Meg!

So, I went with Meg & my Aunt Carol to THE BIG hair cut. Meg went to my Kelly for the first time & did the big chop. WOW. She looks FABULOUS. We're all loving the new "do"!!!

I HEAR: Silence
I really had to think about this one. I've been concentrating on the catalog so hard I haven't been turning things on - no radio, no music, no tv in the background...just quiet. This week I heard nothing.

I TASTE: Cupcakes from Stein's
Stein's bakery is, like, one of the bakeries in Dallas. Really established, great reputation, great cakes & baked goods and conveniently right by my hair dresser. So, as a treat I picked up some cupcakes to get me through the weekend. They asked if I wanted them to add Sprinkles (sounded festive) - why not? Sure I said. They went in the back (to the magic sprinkle area I presume and came back with boxed cupcakes. Low & behold when I got home...not only did my cupcakes ave sprinkles - they also had sponge bob rings stuck in them. Bizarre, but tasty.

I TOUCH: Computer keyboard & paper
I've been setting up the summer catalog for Luxe. I must say I think it's looking pretty sharp. Every ounce of me has gone into the catalog over the last few days...and since I'm blogging that means I got my *final* revisions finished for the day (well, final 'til the last round of proofreading tomorrow) and that means we're very close indeed.

I SMELL: Not Much
Allergies? Dust? Pollen? Your guess is as good as mine...

The Weekly Coop Report...
I realize I've been blogging the contents of the coop we finally got into on Sundays. If nothing else it's a great point of reference for me looking back over previous weeks. It doesn't really "fit" the sense-sational format, but I need/would love recipes each week for the fresh stuff so here goes...This week our box included: zucchini, iceberg lettuce, red potatoes, mushrooms, peaches, nectarines, cantaloupe, plums, pink grapes and blackberries.

Here's what I'd love - a new & easy idea for red potatoes. Oh, and what to do with like, 30 leftover full sized carrots...


Blogger Just a simple gal said...

Do a search on picadilly's carrot casserole - YUM! And as for the new potatoes - go to Pioneer Woman cooks and look up her recent potato recipe [smashed?] I can't remember the name - but they're pre-cooked, smashed on a baking tray - drizzeLd with olive oil and fresh herbs - again, YUM-MY! Enjoy! ~ Judy in Huntsville

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay well I grate my carrots and add them to almost everything. In my spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, etc. No one notices. I even bet if you grated them you could freeze them for a while.

As for potatos, I just quarter, coat with oil, add some basil and bake.

For zuccini (i know you didn't I slice thin lengthwise, lay in a dish side by side and top with moz cheese and bake. YuMMY YUMMY!

your sil kim!

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Lynne Wilson said...

Great blog post!

I am dying to see the new catalog- I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

As for carrots- I love carrot cake and carrot cake muffins- then you could freeze them if you have too many :)


8:41 AM  

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