Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trying to get acclimated...

I leave for Amsterdam & Scrap-a-Ganza tomorrow and in an attempt to conquer jetlag I woke up obscenely early this morning {"O-dark-thirty"}. So, forgive me if it's a little stream of consciousness this morning...I usually don't get out of bed until 7:30/8. I still have a lot of running around to do & loose ends to tie up before I leave so today will be errands, packing & crossing things off my many to do lists...

We're flying in & out of Brussels - which I'm very excited about; never been to Belgium before. We're taking the train into Amsterdam {love the trains}. This Texas girl is gonna be says it could snow while I'm there....what???? That's what I get for checking while I'm still groggy- that jolted me into consciousness!

I've been loading up my mp3 player with good stuff for the long trip- the Shins (thanks for the recommendation Pam), The Apples In Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Rachael Yamagata, Emiliana Torrini, Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson & Jose Gonzalez.

I'm not taking my laptop so I won't have email access, but I will be with Jen who promised to let me blog from the road :)


Anonymous Caecilia said...

Have a nice trip to Belgium, then by train to Amsterdam and I will see you at Scrap-a-ganza on saturday!
It's quite cold here, but snow? I don't think so...

Greetings from Caecilia

7:49 AM  

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