Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another creation in red, black & white...

I did this page yesterday, but in the evenings - my "blogging time" I've been going to sleep "early" {for me that's 10 - 11 instead of 12-2} so I haven't gotten online.

I've finally started a gallery on 2Peas. I upload stuff over there when I have time. It's funny...when I broke my pages down into their tags I realized my pages have a lot in common: ALL had lined or striped paper, doodling, hand journaling, distressed-aging-ink, hand cut elements (usually hearts), most had black and white or bright colors and some kind of rub-on. Black, white & red seems to be my most often used color combo.


Blogger Trisha said...

Love the color combo. I tend to use them also. Just painted my living room in that shade of red. Was inspired by the photo you had a week or so ago with the decorative rod and layouts. I plan to do similar with altered canvases!

1:28 PM  

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