Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sensible Sundays...

I'm trying to get back in the habit of regular blogging, so I'm starting a new thing on my personal blog. I'm calling it "Sensible Sundays" and I plan to cover my 5 senses every week - what I'm hearing, tasting, touching, smelling & seeing. I've been thinking about it & I think it will be a fun challenge - if you want to try it feel free to & let me know so I can read up on what you're sensing too.

Our nieces Amy & Haley who spent the night & who are total dynamos of energy zipping around the house this morning.

I've been totally into Ingrid Michaelson lately & love the imagery in the video - great message.

The "best" thing I cooked this week was a chicken & black bean soup & a green chile cornbread. I haven't made cornbread in ages...I forgot how much I like it. Now that's the weather's cooler I'm gearing up for more soups & stews in the crock pot. Speaking of crock pot - we realized this morning I left it on warm since, like, Friday without the crock in it. I had thought I unplugged it...oops. Anyway, all was safe & it's fine so no harm, no foul.

Buttons. Lots & lots of buttons. Sales have been great on Matt's site and we've been churning out some new sets. Usually we sell buttons in sets of 5, but we had a request this weekend for a jumbo set from the Wizard of Oz so we put these together.

Renuzit Sunny Laundry air freshener & SoftSoap for Men.


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